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Premier League 2016-17 : Teams in with a Chance

Premier League 2016-17 : Teams in with a Chance

Premier League 2016-17The Premier League 2015-16 was one hell of a season by anyones measure with Leicester City coming out of nowhere with a fairytale story that turned the game on its head.  In anticipation of the 2016-17 season, I’ve up the achievements, history, notable stats, players and short review of their 2015-16 season for teams that I think are in with a shot this year (and yes I’ve included Leicester since they’re last years winner!). Alongside the team I’ve included their currrent betting odds, so you can get in the mood for having a punt of the upcoming season.


Arsenal  – Current betting odds:  6-1

Chelsea – Current betting odds:  6-1

Leicester – Current betting odds:  30-1

Liverpool – Current betting odds:  8-1

Manchester City – Current betting odds:  2-1

Manchester United – Current betting odds:  7/2

Tottenham Hotspur – Current betting odds:  9-1


Click on each team for the write up. Let’s hope we have another amazing season ahead of us.

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