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Stoke City

Stoke City

June 13, 2017 5:34 am0 comments

The Club

Now an established side in the Premier League with close to a decade of participation, The Potters have become a club of envy for many larger sides stuck in the lower divisions. Although never a big club or a trophy winner, Stoke has become a club that, under Mark Hughes, has seen a few big names move in and enjoy times in Staffordshire.

With the likes of Xherdan Shaqiri wearing the shirt today, it’s no wonder this is seen by many as a Golden Era for the club.

2016-17 – How Was It?

Solid. A 13th place finish might not sound too great, but they were only 2 points off coming an impressive 8th place. However, they were also only 4 points clear of 17th, showing you just how tight the league was this year. With the gap at the top showcasing itself massively in 16-17, clubs like Stoke had to settle for a less ambitious season.

However, consolidation in the top flight and some nice football played at times has meant that, for the season to come, Potters fans probably have a bit more hope that another top-half finish may return,

2017-18 – What Lies Ahead?

It really is hard to say – Stoke, while backed by money via Peter Coates, lack the real ability to go any further than they have. Regular European football on their turnover is unrealistic, as is the determination to continue to find players like Shaqiri – who had to have his arm pulled to join the club in the first place.

Progression, then, would probably just be more of the same. It might be a disheartening for Stoke fans, but it’s hard to see them regularly breaking into Europe, or even the top half, with 17-18 promising little more ambition. A likely mid-table finish awaits, barring some great work by Hughes in the transfer market.

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